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Veterans, are you using the VA?

Brandon Gonzalez

Veterans, are you using the VA?

Introduction to how I can help you in your quest for conquering the VA

Listen up all you Veterans!

   Today is the first day of the rest of your lives if you have not taken advantage of the many benefits available to you. Having served 13 years myself, and being 90% service connected, I too was lost in the beginning but I figured it out through trial and error and extensive research. Now I am here to pass my knowledge on to you. There are so many things out there in support of Veterans and I hope that by reading my blog you will not be afraid to take the leap, and get whats coming to you. From VA disability to VA Home loans I am here to help you. From National Park Passes to Free Counseling, I have an answer for you and if I don't I will find one. I will break this part of the blog up so that we can focus on specific topics as there is so much useful information for me to put out. I would love to receive feedback, or questions about topics that I haven't been able to discuss yet, so PLEASE stop by my contact page and get a hold of me. Don't forget to subscribe either as I will be  sending out useful tips and Veteran success stories.

   There is a stigma within the VA community that everything you do will either take too long or that its not worth your time. I promise you, you are not alone in thinking that. I am here today to tell you that it really isn't that difficult to file a claim, check your status and even request an increase if you do not get what you thought you deserved.  Have you started a claim? If so, did you follow through or give up because the task seemed to daunting? Many people think that they wont get any kind of service connection because they did not get injured or have an incident. The fact of the matter is that those thoughts are neither relevant nor are they productive. You served your country, you worked hard for little money and now you pay the price in the end with sore backs, headaches, nightmares etc. I love helping veterans and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Service Connection

   I have mentioned Service Connection earlier on in the post, and I think that my first goal should be to inform you about the difference between service connected and not service connected. The VA looks at your claims and will decide whether or not it is worthy of service connection and this is what allows you compensation and or VA medical care. Some common service connections are back, neck, hearing and PTSD. Following this post I will discuss how to go about filing a claim with the VA and the steps that you need to take to be successful. It is easier that you may think! Check out and start registering for a premium account ( its free, but important for claims purposes) Until then, take care and subscribe for updates when I post them.

Brandon G.