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Thought Process

Brandon Gonzalez

Thought Process

How do you see your life right now?

I am taking the next step..Would you?

   Welcome back! I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about something very important to me. This blog is motivated by many individual reasons, but I keep coming back to my original goal, and thought process. I AM going to sail around the world. I AM going to step foot on an island so isolated that there are months, sometimes years in between visitors. I say I AM because I will not stop until I do.

   Where am I going with this you ask? Well, I have been struggling to really figure out my true calling. While I love Web Design and will design a killer site for you at a reasonable cost, I really love writing. I love producing a product. Does anyone else get the satisfaction that I do when I complete a project? I was just discussing with my uncle today about this very topic. We were talking about housework, and I started thinking about how I love to install new flooring. Laying down a floor is like writing a book. Page by page, piece by piece the finished product reveals itself. This thought went even deeper and I realized how much it applies to life. I am taking the next step and will follow this thought process at a much deeper level.

Are you laying the floor? Or are you looking for a piece of property?

   My little analogy about the flooring circles back every time to the satisfaction that comes from laying the next piece. Life in a way is similar. We are working our way through life laying down the pieces of our flooring, hanging new windows, and placing new shingles on the roof. I will apply those examples to a large retirement account, a paid off mortgage and little to no debt accompanied with fun toys. Back to the thought process. Now most of us are doing this hoping that at the end of our working life, our house will be sturdy and we will feel like we have done all that can be done.

   It takes years, sometimes decades to finally get all your ducks in a row. A house that is paid off, no debt, and a bucket of savings sitting in funds, and banking accounts, but while that might sound great, think about the path that it took to get there. Is it going to be worth it if you pass away 10 years after you finally reach this finish line? I am not going to sit around and wait to find out. I am going to find satisfaction in what I have, while making improvements that not only reveal their worth now, but also apply to the end. I love laying down flooring because you see piece by piece the beauty of your creation whereas (its hard to make an analogy for this one) building up a retirement account takes decades to see the big picture.

What does this mean?

   For now what I am trying to say, is focus on the little things. Go against what life has taught us. Stop spending all your time thinking about the end, while forgetting about the now. I am choosing to think about now, and will continue laying the pieces of flooring in my life. Some cuts may be tough, and it may not be perfect, but I know that once it is all laid down, I will know and be able to see that what I did was worth it. Please folks, do not think that I am telling you to be irresponsible. I am not telling you to throw away all of your ideals. I am merely pointing out that too often we forget to find that happiness that we deserve until the end. Stick with me, and see how you can find that happiness now. My next post will actually be a series of posts, talking about my plans, and where I will be taking this blog, but until then I URGE you to start thinking about whether you are truly happy, and if life as it is contributes to your happiness. Until next time!

-Brandon G.

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