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Not so brief story of my life.

Brandon Gonzalez

Not so brief story of my life.

This article takes a more in depth look at a summary of my life.

Whether you believe in karma (as is something happening because you did something good), or light bulbs appearing after thinking of something incredible, change can show its face in many different ways. In reality though, you are the maker of any changes that come. I may not speak for all, but generally speaking, change is something that most people desire. It might be something small, say a new car or successfully sticking to a diet plan. For others, myself included, change is expected to be something much greater. I spent most if not all of my twenties and into my thirties working my harder than I ever have. I was deploying to foreign countries as a soldier, travelling the beautiful State of Washington as a  locomotive engineer, and raising my two beautiful daughters. While some of that was and is incredible, other pars felt unfulfilling. For a while I just believed that was how it was supposed to be. I actually thought that I was only supposed to do one thing, whether I was happy or not. I was afraid of the consequences of trying something new. I believed that there was nothing possible out there for me except for what I already knew. I'm here to tell you that those thoughts are irrational and ill placed. I made he decision this year to change my life. I decided that I would no longer conform what society says I am supposed to do. This is the beginning of my new journey, and I hope that you take away from this what I wish I would have grasped many years ago.

I'll start from the beginning because it will give you a better perspective as to why I have made the choices that I made. As with most people the beginning may seem irrelevant but every step I took was leading me to where I am now. I knew at an early age that my calling was technology related. Back then, passion did not seem as important as money or ease of success so I ignored this calling because I was scared. I ignored it because I was unsure of where it would lead and I felt I did not possess the skills to actually go somewhere with it.

I started my adult life by joining the Washington National Guard at seventeen, and then proceeded to party as Washington State University after completing all my training. Now, I didn't ignore all responsibilities.  I excelled in the army. I achieved distinguished honor graduate at my Advanced individual training and I made crew chief within a year of being qualified. Back to the University. This is where I was faced with a choice and mind you, the choices I made back then are what put me here today. Had I not made the choice I did, I would not have my amazing daughters and I would not be married to my soul mate. At the end of my first year at WSU, my unit received notice that they would be participating in an eighteen month long deployment. Next up, my choices. Choice number one for me was to avoid deployment by joining ROTC and participating in PT (physical training) every day along with getting my grades up. Choice number two was spending eighteen months serving my country in an terribly hot, and sandier than you could even imagine. Surprisingly enough I chose the latter.

Now that you know how I left college, the first time, Ill tell you why I never went back. First there was the 2007 deployment, followed by marriage, followed by working as helicopter technician. Then comes the second deployment, a baby, a new career and divorce, followed my marriage and baby and then now. This may sound like a run on sentence, and you are right! My life has been one long run on sentence. Never ceasing to end, and always moving whether it made sense or not. Every choice I made was not the wrong one, nor was it the right one. It was either a good one and sometimes a bad one. Every choice was just another part of this never ending cycle.

I finally reached a point during my divorce that I felt like I was finally slowing down and maybe going to be stagnate for a while. Yes, this is something I wanted. Of course though, life kept on moving. I fell in love, and my now wife became pregnant with my second child. We then got married and life continued. While I was much happier with my love life, and my family life, I was not happy with where I was at in my own life. Happiness goes a long way, but without a high enough level of satisfaction it is hard to move forward.

Since we are there, let us talk about the present, as my past is way to involved to indulge  you in a single post. If you want to hear more about what led to where I am, by all means ask me and I will tell. I am sure there will be new posts with more story. It is now 2018, 13 years after my graduation from High School. I have gone to school, I have worked in the trades, I have gone back to school, and all of the aforementioned activities. Beginning last year I decided to go back to school and try out the medical field. I jumped in full force and began going to school while working for the railroad. Classes were going great, and then in September of 2017 I injured my shoulder, and ended up being out of work for three whole amazing months. My job as a locomotive engineer was taking a toll on both my physical and mental health, and this break from the daily grind of being on cal land travelling all over began to open my eyes to other possibilities. Following my shoulder injury I became very ill. I was not able to return to work, and I realized that I never wanted to go back to work there. I also realized that the medical field was not for me and I made the choice to pursue what made me happy. That being writing and web design. I am now attending Western Governors University and studying Software engineering. It took being miserable and it took hitting bottom to finally make the change.

As I write more, and being to post more I hope you will see how this "abbreviated" story of my life has affected my way of thinking and how it applies to where I am at right now. I decided to give up my 6 figure income, and my incredible benefits to become a freelance Web Designer and blogger extraordinaire. My posts will dive into the many issues that we all face regarding decisions and places in life. They will include tips, and helpful pieces of information that will hopefully help you reach your full potential. Some of this information will include help with managing your way through the VA Healthcare system, money, technology, school and parenting. Like, share and subscribe for a very non biased approach to life. If you have something that you would like to know more about, reach out to me! Part of my many superhuman capabilities is researching via the internet, and quickly scanning many pages of documentation for specific items. I joke about the super human capabilities, but I really do strive to reach the bottom of every issue that I am faced with. Take care, and I hope you enjoyed reading my post!

Until Next Time,

Brandon G.