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Motivation for veterans, and anyone else looking to improve their lives.

Brandon Gonzalez

Motivation for veterans, and anyone else looking to improve their lives.

Introduction to what this site is about.

My Life.

Life, it may be mysterious, it may be tedious, but it is also incredibly malleable.

   Hi! My name is Brandon Gonzalez, and I was born, raised and now reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am happily married, and I have two beautiful daughters along with a fur ball named Dexter (a soon to be PTSD/Anxiety dog). I am a U.S Army Veteran and yes I served overseas a couple times. I also was a Locomotive Engineer for nearly 6 years and now here I am writing for and creating websites. I believe I have now found my calling and am looking forward to sharing that with you. Now that we have had a brief meet and greet, I would love to share with you my hopes, dreams and expectations of this website/blog. Don't worry, if you are looking to get a laugh at this life of mine, you will get a chance in future posts. I truly do believe that you as my reader should be able to know who I am and how I got to where I am today. Listening to facts and pointers all day from someone you don't know may be useful, but do you not think that knowing them personally would be more beneficial? All relationships in life serve a purpose, and its those relationships that make us who we are today.

Where I am at today.

   I had been searching long and hard to find happiness in my career, but never could find it. This caused me to question whether what I was doing was right or not. Within this thought process,  I recently became enlightened and because of that have truly begun to follow my dreams. Having this feeling of freedom that comes from an open perspective has enabled me to focus on what I can do to better my life. I realized that working a normal job, with crazy hours and large paychecks was not worth it if I was never around to enjoy the fruits of my labors. This single thought is what got me thinking about my next question. What am I passionate about? I absolutely love writing and creating websites, so why not do that? To me it is a puzzle, and once complete you are able to see the entire picture. This thought process is how I came to the conclusion that starting, this website along and any other venture that comes my way. I quit my job, enrolled in college using my VA Benefits and I am finally moving forward.  My mentality is that you cant fail if you don't try, and you can't try without the courage to fail.  Notice how the two go hand in hand? Yes, you can avoid failing by not trying, but what if you try and you succeed? Blindly brushing off opportunities is what holds an individual back. Take a chance, lose the fear and take control of your life.

My Goal, What's yours?

   This is something that I believe everyone should be thinking about. I used to believe that my goal was to have nice things, a large house and a fast car. But then I realized how complicated getting there might be. Now that I said that, I will also note that I was close to having all that and to be honest I was enjoying what I thought was progress. Looking deeper into it I saw that I was actually stagnate. I was saving little money, buying nice things and had a nice house but I was missing something. I was missing time with my family and time for myself. I was missing freedom, and complete happiness. While sacrifices are something that we as adults must always make, how do you decide when you are sacrificing too much? After realizing this, I found that one of my passions was being on the water. I grew up sailing and boating and know that when I'm on or near the water, I feel at peace. With this new found realization, I began watching sailing videos, and reading books about travelling the world on the water using only the wind to power my movement. Then the light bulb lit up and I know what I was going to do. I sold most everything I had, and bought a boat. I told my then girlfriend, now my wife, that I'm not going to work for the rest of my life. I am going to travel. So my wife and I now have the goal of sailing around the world. This goal is the supplier of the wind in my sails. This goal is the one thing that is driving me to be exactly who I want to be.  What is your goal?

Giving Back.

   Ghandi once said " My life is my message". This one quote plays loudly over and over in my head. What message am I leaving for everyone I connect with? As a veteran of the Iraq war twice over, I know how much of a struggle life can be after it's all said and done. I always wished when I was getting out that there was something or someone that could help me me through the processes involved in VA Compensation and Veteran benefits. Sure, you can browse through the internet and read hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and forums that give pieces of information related to your questions, but it is hard to find one place that answers all the questions, or at least every question asked. Commonly asked questions such as "How do I apply for benefits?", or "What can I claim?" are two that while simple, are entirely too important to brush off. Other questions may be regarding park passes, home loans and even places to go for counseling help. My goal with this blog is to light a fire under any and all veterans or soon to be separated soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and to encourage and motivate them to get what they deserve. With this blog, I hope to give everyone what I wish I had from the beginning.

More to this blog.

   While helping veterans is something I look forward to doing, I also hope that with this blog I can reach out to everyone else looking for motivation, or new ideas. Various contributors including myself will indulge the audience with such things as recipes, health coaching, diet plans, non-profit involvement among many others. This will be an ever evolving blog and what better place than this to branch out and reach a new audience.  If you are an aspiring writer or vlogger, I encourage you to reach out to me. Let us talk about what we can do for you, whether it is you visiting my website and hiring me, or maybe you become a contributor to this amazing blog. I not only accept, but I encourage any and all feedback. Whether you just want to praise what I have done, or have something else to contribute, by all means I am open ears. I hope that You enjoyed this not so brief intro to who I am and why I am here. Please subscribe for weekly emails containing useful and amusing information. Share with your friends!

Until Next Time

Brandon G.