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Brandon Gonzalez


Where have I been? What have I been up to?

Well hello! I has been a quite a while, I know. This last 6 months have been nothing but a roller coaster. Family, work, school... It all adds up! I am really excited right now though, because in the midst of all the stress and bustle of life, I have been working on an idea. A non-profit idea. I am taking all of my passion for giving back, and putting towards one ultimate, end goal.

This is not an easy endeavor, and it is not fast. There are many pieces to this puzzle and I have yet to find them all. I promise you, I am looking and once i get all the pieces, the big picture will soon follow. Soon, I will share with you my plan. My goal. My happy place. But first, I would like I ask you a few questions.

** If you could do anything right now to give back to your community, what would you do?" **

** How often do you find yourself looking for more in life? Why is that?" **

** What do you think the top problems are, regarding your community, your family, and your friends? **

Subscribe, send me an email, connect with me. Wanna actually answer these questions? I would love to discuss your topics. If you want me to be confidential, I will. Shoot me an email with your thoughts on these topics! Coming up, there will be a lot more posts, a lot more thinking, and even more doing. Do you want to be a part of something great? Stay tuned, and I look forward to sharing this incredible venture I have just embarked on.